Management Skills Training

Management Skills Training

Innesskirk Global is an expert on developing management skills at different levels. We have programs for supervisory skills, management essentials, advanced management skills and a senior management program. Management training is all about dealing with people, understanding and application of techniques used at different levels of management. Leadership and management is also about awareness of your own behavior and habits and the impact you have on those around you. Refreshing communication basics and generating self-awareness  is the first step to applying new skills and develop your management and leadership skills successfully.

A Practical Approach
Some management skills workshops lack the application within the organization and end up being very theoretical in nature. Innesskirk's approach is somewhat different. We deliver a management skills training workshop, which is applied to your organization. This is done through a management history review, current business culture overview and a look at the traditional elements of management within the organization.

Before the Workshop
The pre-workshop questionnaire uncovers missing elements and creates awareness of current management styles and management gaps within the organization. Management and Leadership Strategies are discussed and thinking is encouraged in small group exercises using case studies and strategic alignment techniques to achieve positive outcomes.

Applied Management
Through an extensive simulation exercise, delegate managers explore specific management skills and management strategies and their role in the process. This uncovers practical implications for managers, their responsibilities, skills, habits and organizational behavior. Post simulation discussions will include best practice methods and benchmarking tools, common pitfalls of conflict management initiatives, a review of examples, and essential elements required in any conflict management process.

Consolidation and Implementation
Delegates discuss how they would apply the outcomes of the previous conflict management simulation and analysis to their own environment using our unique iIMPACT™ projects and online and face-to-face coaching approach.

The overall management training workshop is enlightening, fun, highly interactive and provides “real world” practical techniques and methods that you can use back in the office. Our iIMPACT™ methodology guarantees that you benefit fully from the newly acquired techniques, skills and knowledge. For more information on specific programs please have a look at our workshop details related to your required level of management, like: Pro-Active Management Skills, Essential Management Skills, Advanced Management Skills, and our Senior Management Program,

To find out more about the services we provide, to book a course or to discuss your training needs further contact one of our offices or send us an email.