Human Synergistics

Human Synergistics

Innesskirk provides organizations with tools structured to aid in the monitoring organizations as they grow and develop. Change occurs quickly, requiring constant optimization of people focused policies, processes and procedures. Innesskirk provides organizations with world-class HR insights and effectiveness bench-marking and measurement tools. The tools from Human Synergistics International are world class, proven, valid and reliable. Human Synergistics has build an excellent reputation during their more than 30 years of HR related research and tools development. All our consultants are fully accredited by Human Synergistics International. The Human Synergistics International Benchmarking Tools provide a complete integrated HR diagnostic system for employees, teams, departments, managers, senior managers and overall organization context. The business culture and organizational effectiveness measurements used around the world in the middle east, east and western world. Our HR consultancy services which use the Human Synergistic Tools include:

Innesskirk Global Consultants, accredited by Human Synergistics International use best practice tools from around the world including, but not limited to the Human Synergistics suite of tools. Innesskirk consultants were one of the first consultants to be accredited in the Management Impact tool from Human Synergistics, which measures the impact Managers have on their people and includes a program to improve management effectiveness. As independent consultants, Innesskirk is not limited to the use of Human Synergistics tools and uses other management diagnostic, behavioral and development tools where appropriate, like tools from the American Management Association. Innesskirk delivers through its Human Synergistic accredited consultants a unique mix providing a complete integrated HR diagnostic and management development system.


What Makes An Organization Effective?
People make the organization. So how do you get people to work together toward a better organization? How do you get everybody on the same page, at the same time, moving in the right direction? The Human Synergistic tools are able to measure individual, team or organizational effectiveness, the circumplex used in all the instruments provides a common and consistent language for feedback, analysis, and change initiation and allows for repeat measurement to determine the effectiveness of any change initiatives and subsequent progress made. 

The Human Synergistics Tools we use are listed below:

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