HR For Non-HR Managers

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HR For Non-HR Managers

Training Workshop – Module Overview

Innesskirk’s innovative “HR For Non-HR Managers”  will provide an excellent overview of the most common Human Resources (HR) roles, practices and tools used in virtually every business. Managers will be introduced to techniques and skills necessary to properly influence their employees.  

Delegates will learn to work closely with their HR department to build and motivate high performance teams as they drive individual and team performance. Includes methods to develop a pathway to future requirements, evaluate and measure human performance, transform ineffective behavior and empower people to drive overall business performance.

Tutorial sessions, case studies, practical exercises, presentations and syndicate work make this a proactive, hands-on course. 

Workshop Objectives - Delegates Will Be Able To…

  • Understand the role and value of the HR department
  • Apply interviewing techniques to select the right people
  • Create talent development plans and career paths
  • Empower staff and drive performance through coaching
  • Develop positive performance appraisal systems
  • Understand the value of innovative rewarding systems
  • Provide constructive feedback to improve performance and personal commitment
  • Use performance counseling and disciplinary procedures
  • Understand the value of job descriptions and personal specifications as part of recruitment

Post Workshop - iIMPACT™ Program

iIMPACT™ Project – Delegates identify a work-related project during the last hour of the training that will be used as a measurable indicator of successful application and implementation of the training content.

iIMPACT™ Coaching – The delegates participate in custom-designed coaching sessions to facilitate the completion of their iIMPACT™ Project.   Delegates document the project’s life cycle and all related issues in the provided coaching booklet.

Course Outline : 

Workshop Agenda – Day One


Introduction And Course Objectives
Introduction of course, course material and course methodology and pedagogy. Instructor led introduction of delegates through icebreaker activity.

The Human Resources Management Function  
The segment looks at the main functions of the HRM department, including Recruitment, Selection, Performance Management, Compensation, Human Development, Talent Management and Planning. Delegates gain a quick introduction of each function and an overview of the tools and techniques used as part of each of these functions and the role of department managers in each of these functions. 

Interviewing And Selecting The Right People 
Delegates learn the value of accurate job descriptions and person specifications as part of the interview and selection process. Included in the review are: interview essentials; questioning skills; objectively evaluating prospective employees; methods to prepare, conduct and complete a professional recruitment interview; along with samples of forms used before, during and after the interview.


Becoming Part Of The Team  
Discussions include the value of an effective orientation, developing a positive achievement culture, essential induction components, integrating new people into established teams, and team development essentials.

Managing Performance 
This section concentrates on the review of management performance systems, appraisals, positive feedback interviews, both formal and informal, the value of positive feedback, essential elements of constructive feedback and common mistakes during feedback discussions.

Review the main points of interest of the day, identify possible work-projects, and preview day two.


Workshop Agenda – Day Two


Developing Employees
Delegates discuss the value and benefits of learning, for the individual and the organization. Initiatives to offer continuous opportunities to learn are essentials in retaining valuable staff. Training, coaching and mentoring, analyzing training needs, creating programs which produce higher performance and better business results are all covered. Delegates will review different methods to enhance departmental integration and job satisfaction, including elements such as employee empowerment, career planning, talent development and succession planning.

Performance Counseling Interviews  
Learn to recognize poor performance and effectively counsel poor performing employees. Practical case studies encompass the counseling interview, the role of the HR department, and the value of trust and confidentiality.  


Common Disciplinary Procedures and Labor Law Principles  
Learn constructive discipline of employees, approaches to conflict resolution to increase performance and when it may be appropriate to escalate to HR. Discussions include the consequences of inappropriate behavior, standard professional procedures to deal with continuing poor performance, how and when to dismiss staff, and the effect of poor performing individuals on team performance.

Identification of iIMPACT™ Project;
iIMPACT™ Project – Delegates identify a work-related project during the last hour of the training that will be used as a measurable indicator of successful application and implementation of the training content.

Review the main points of interest for the course, deliver course administration like evaluation, action plan, certificates.

2 Days

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