Performance Management Training

Performance Management Training Workshop

Innesskirk’s “Performance Management Training Workshop” will provide an excellent overview of and skill development of the most common ways a manager can influence the performance of their people through introducing a modern performance management system. Management roles, behavior, practices and tools managers need to use in virtually every business. Managers will be introduced to policies, techniques and skills necessary to properly manage performance and influence their employees.

Delegates will be able to work closely with their HR department to drive individual performance as well as team performance. Include methods to recruit the right person assist with developing relevant job-descriptions and career paths for their staff. Understand how to effectively evaluate and measure human performance, encourage further development and transform ineffective behavior and empower people to drive overall business performance.

Tutorial sessions, case studies, practical exercises, presentations and syndicate work make this a proactive, hands-on course. Delegates will be asked to identify a project where the techniques and skills learned during the course can be implemented within an identified period of time. The workshop can be given in different formats, for managers who need to implement a performance management system as well as for employees to raise awareness of a new performance system being introduced.

The workshop will include an overview of performance management tools, setting performance goals, focus on giving and receiving informal and formal feedback, appraisal and rewarding systems. The workshop has the following objectives.  


Workshop Objectives - Delegates Will Be Able To…

  • Understand the role and value of the HR department
  • Apply interviewing techniques to select the right people
  • Create talent development plans and career paths
  • Empower staff and drive performance through coaching
  • Develop positive performance appraisal systems
  • Understand the value of innovative rewarding systems
  • Provide constructive feedback to improve
  • Use performance counseling and disciplinary procedures
  • Understand the value of job descriptions and personal specifications as part of recruitment

Post Workshop - iIMPACT™ Program

iIMPACT™  Project – Delegates identify a work-related project during the last hour of the training that will be used as a measurable indicator of successful application and implementation of the training content.

iIMPACT™ Coaching – The delegates participate in custom-designed coaching sessions to facilitate the completion of their iIMPACT™ Project. Delegates document the project’s life cycle and all related issues in the provided coaching booklet.