Public Speaking Training

Public Speaking Training

The task most managers fear most is Public Speaking. In front of their staff, at events or in front of customers or colleauges. Surprisingly public speaking workshops always tend to focus on delivery technique. Public Speaking Training is however much more. Most managers can be trained or are already comfortable in standing up in front of a group of people. However there performance is limited by the structure and way they present themselves and their case. Innesskirk's Public Speaking Training workshops are all about structuring the message in such a way that presenting it becomes easy. Naturally we also look at the ability and awareness of your own behavior and habits as well as the ability to 'read' the audience during your presentation. Refreshing communication basics and generating self-awareness  is the first step to applying new skills and presenting your case with confidence and enthusiasm.

A Practical Approach
Some public speaking training workshops lack the application within the organization and end up being very theoretical in nature mostly just focus on popwerpoint techniques. Innesskirk's approach is somewhat different. We deliver a "presenting your case" public speaking training workshop, which is applied to your requirements. This is done through a requirements review and a look at the traditional elements of your communication requirements within the organizations context. The workshop is limited to 7 delegates, but can also be delivered as part of an executive coaching program.

Before the Workshop
The pre-workshop questionnaire uncovers missing elements and creates awareness of presentation and public speaking  gaps within the individual delegate. Public Speaking Management Strategies are discussed and thinking is encouraged in small group exercises using case studies, and self delivered and taped video examples.  

Apply Public Speaking Strategy
Through an extensive simulation exercise, delegate managers explore Public Speaking exercises both ad-hoc and extensive prepared presentations. This uncovers practical implications for managers, their skills, habits and behavior when in front of others. Post simulation discussions will include best practice methods and easy to use tools and techniques, common pitfalls of public Speaking engagements, a review of examples, and essential elements required in any presentation situation.

Consolidation and Implementation
Delegates discuss how they would apply the outcomes of the previous simulation and analysis to their own environment using our unique iIMPACT™ projects and online and face-to-face coaching approach. Other approaches to apply and practise the developed skills are discussed and further assistance can be provided. 

The overall public speaking management workshop is enlightening, fun, highly interactive and provides “real world” practical techniques and methods that you can use back in the office. Our iIMPACT™ methodology guarantees that you benefit fully from the newly acquired techniques, skills and knowledge.

To find out more about the services we provide, to book a course or to discuss your training needs further contact one of our offices or send us an email.