Essential Management Skills

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Essential Management Skills

Training Workshop - Module Overview 

Innesskirk’s innovative “Essential Management Skills” provides an excellent foundation of the skills and behaviors required for today’s Manager, addressing key Management and Leadership aptitudes essential to be an outstanding manager.

Process and workload management is not enough in today’s competitive landscape. Managers are called upon to motivate their teams, assimilate change, address challenging situations or people, drive performance, coach and develop their staff.

Tutorial sessions, case studies, practical exercises, presentations and syndicate work make this a proactive, hands-on course. Delegates will be asked to identify a project where the techniques and skills learned during the course can be implemented within an identified period of time.

Workshop Objectives - Delegates Will Be Able To…

  • Motivate and inspire employees
  • Coach and develop staff effectively
  • Recognize and resolve conflicts quickly
  • Build and lead high performing teams
  • Gain enthusiastic co-operation for new challenges
  • Resolve performance issues efficiently & effectively
  • Delegate tasks with confidence
  • Organize time and workload

Post Workshop - iIMPACT™ Program

iIMPACT™  Project – Delegates identify a work-related project during the last hour of the training that will be used as a measurable indicator of successful application and implementation of the training content.

iIMPACT™ Coaching – The delegates participate in custom-designed coaching sessions to facilitate the completion of their iIMPACT™ Project. Delegates document the project’s life cycle and all related issues in the provided coaching booklet.

Course Outline : 

Workshop Agenda – DAY ONE


Introduction And Course Objectives
Agenda begins with the introduction of course objectives, materials, methodology and pedagogy. Instructor will include the introduction of delegates through icebreaker activity.

What Makes An Effective Manager?
Review of the difference between management and leadership, what are the key duties of a manager or a leader? What makes an outstanding manager or leader? Management and leadership best practice.

Understanding Your Current Management Style And Developmental Areas

Complete a managerial assessment to find out the delegate’s managerial style and how to benefit from the assessment results specific to their workplace. Understand the impact of each delegate’s style on their team and discover how to develop successful managerial and leadership skill. 


Building A High Performing Team 
Essential knowledge for every manager: How to build a team that performs well. Team development, team dynamics, psychometrics to understand team behavior, effective team-based communication, and essentials for high performing teams are integral components to the workshop.

Action Centered Leadership 
Being prepared for the unexpected and being pro-active are essential for today’s manager. Control combined with setting goals and objectives are essential for pro-active management. 

Planning And Organizing For Success
Planning and organizing is more than just making sure you have a plan for the day. It means you are in control of the work that needs to be completed. 

Review the main points of interest of the day, identify possible work-projects, preview day two.  


Workshop Agenda – DAY TWO


Communication And Influencing Skills
This segment includes keys to being a master communicator and getting your point across in a clear, concise and positive manner. Learn tips to make small talk with strangers, the importance of non-verbal communication and how to influence others to see your point of view so that you effectively relate your ideas.

Coaching And Feedback Skills
Coaching and providing feedback to your staff are integral skills to help build personal and professional competencies. Learn different models of coaching and how to give positive and constructive feedback. Practice applying these skills to fit the situation. i.e. formal coaching sessions, on the job coaching, performance reviews, etc.

Managing Conflict
Learn essential skills in managing conflict on a one-on-one basis, as well as managing conflict between team members. Learn communication and process techniques to be able to handle virtually any conflict situation that may arise.


Motivation Skills And Understanding Others
Learning what makes people tick and what gets them out of bed in a morning is one of the core values of Innesskirk’s workshops. Appreciating these elements will allow delegates to improve performance. Delegates learn to elicit staff's motivations, values and beliefs and tailor their communications to motivate them to do an outstanding job in every area of their job.

Time Management And Delegation Skills
Managing time and juggling workload are difficult tasks. We will help delegates learn how to prioritize their work and methods to manage conflicting priorities. Delegates gain an appreciation of the difference between "importance" and "priority" and how to effectively delegate their work.

Review the main points of interest of the day, identify possible work-projects, preview day three.  

Workshop Agenda – DAY THREE


Analyzing Situations, Solving Problems And Decision Making
The goal of management is all about motivating people to accomplish goals. The Innesskirk instructor reviews different ways to analyze situations, solve problems and make effective decisions to accomplish the desired results.

How To Manage And Participate In Meetings Productively
We all know what the difference is between a well-managed meeting and a poorly managed meeting. Instructor-led delegates will practice tools and techniques to make sure their meetings deliver results.


Dealing With Stress Effectively
Every manager has deadlines and experiences various levels of stress. We discuss the main causes of work-related stress and how to effectively manage using stress-relieving tools and techniques.

Understanding Behavior - Assertive, Passive And Aggressive
Learn how to deal with both passive and aggressive behavior and how to be assertive without being aggressive. Assertiveness does not mean winning every time, but it is essential part of a positive, high performance approach to management.

Identification Of iIMPACT™ Project
Delegates are assigned to groups and asked to identify a project which will require the use of the new knowledge and information acquired during the workshop. This will allow the delegates to transfer the new knowledge into skills and effective work habits.

Review the main points of interest for the course, deliver course administration such as: evaluation, action plan and deliver delegate certificates.

3 days

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