Post Workshop

Focus On Results
Innesskirk Global addresses one of the major challenges facing company administrators: How to gauge the effectiveness of the learning development program on the attending delegates. Experience suggests that often within weeks, sometimes days, of the training, some delegates revert to their old habits and methods of operating.

iIMPACT™ Coaching Check-Up
Innesskirk Global facilitators have adopted a unique initiative – the ‘iIMPACT™ Coaching Check-Up’ – conducted following the workshop to prevent the returning to old tendencies and to increase the application of learning. The delegates are provided with coaching sessions, as determined by the client, to further promote consistent positive behavioral adjustment in accordance with the workshop material.

The following two reports are prepared for the client course completion:

I. iIMPACT™ Workshop Report
This report documents the following areas:                    

  • Any work-related issues identified by the delegates                  
  • Recommendations and possible solutions to identified issues                 
  • Course evaluation and feedback documents from delegates               
  • Daily Points of Interest                                                            
  • Facilitator’s evaluation of each individual delegate                        

II. iIMPACT™ Coaching Report
This report documents the following areas:                                                 

  • iIMPACT™ project identification                                         
  • Identify the impact of the coaching process                                        
  • Outline future commitments by the delegates                             
  • Detail situations or attributes identified by the delegate to be addressed and refined

General email contact and support is offered to the delegates as part of the after-course support package. Individual coaching packages are also available.