Public Training Overview


Recognizing that a fundamental component to professional development is the interaction with and the leveraging of fellow professionals and their experience, Innesskirk Global provides a forum for professional networking and development through its public IMPACT™ Workshop programs.

Public Training Programs 
Public Training programs are standardized and conducted on a scheduled basis throughout the region. Offering fundamentals and universally applicable skills and techniques, the workshops provide an opportunity for cross-industry exposure and interaction while affording companies the opportunity to send delegates to an environment that is conducive to professional development while also reducing work flow interruptions.

Public workshops are pulled from our proprietary selection of workshops as identified above and range from one to three days in duration. While workshop attendance is restricted to fourteen delegates, flexibility remains to add additional workshops as dictated by demand. The Innesskirk IMPACT™ Workshop schedule is available upon request. Select the topic of your choice, select a date and location and book online or by phone.

Practical Workshops 
Workshop materials include manuals, case studies, simulations and psychometrics targeted at educating, reinforcing and ultimately improving business behaviors. Further reinforcement is offered to delegates on a post-workshop basis in the form of coaching sessions – phone, email or face-to-face.