Integrated Diagnostics System

Innesskirk Global is using an integrated diagnostics system with tools for individuals, managers, executives, teams and full organizations. All using one language... introducing the CIRCUMPLEX

What can this circle tell you about improving organizational performance?


All you need to know.
Introducing the Circumplex, the driving force behind the integrated system for organizational measurement, feedback, and development from Human Synergistics International. All Innesskirk consultants are fully accredited by Human Synergistics International for the use of these tools

What makes organizational change happen?
In a word, people. People make the organization. So how do you get people to work toward a better organization? How do you get everybody on the same page, at the same time, moving in the right direction? Use the same language. Whether you are measuring individual, team or organizational effectiveness, the circumplex provides a common and consistent language for feedback, analysis, and change initiation.

The tools we use are listed below: