Proactive Supervisory Skills

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Proactive Supervisory Skills

Training Workshop – Module Overview

Innesskirk’s innovative “Pro-Active Supervisory Skills”provides an excellent foundation of the skills and behaviors required to be an outstanding supervisor or team leader, with clear, practical guidelines every step of the way.

Leading others may not always be easy. It involves responsibilities to manage workload, motivate others, deal with last minute changes and manage the performance of team; often while also having personal tasks to accomplish. After having attended this workshop, delegates will return to the workplace with a toolbox full of management skills to use to guarantee success in managing themselves and others.

Tutorial sessions, case studies, practical exercises, presentations and syndicate work make this a proactive, hands-on course.

Workshop Objectives - Delegates Will Be Able To…

  • Lead their team, understanding their own role and responsibilities
  • Motivate, inspire and develop team members
  • Gain enthusiastic cooperation for new challenges
  • Communicate effectively in many circumstances
  • Resolve performance issues quickly and effectively
  • Delegate tasks with confidence
  • Organize time and workload

Post Workshop - IMPACT™ Program

IMPACT™ Project – Delegates identify a work-related project during the last hour of the training that will be used as a measurable indicator of successful application and implementation of the training content.

IMPACT™ Coaching – The delegates participate in custom-designed coaching sessions to facilitate the completion of their IMPACT™ Project.   Delegates document the project’s life cycle and all related issues in the provided coaching booklet.

Course Outline : 

Workshop Agenda – Day One


Introduction And Course Objectives
Agenda begins with the introduction of course, material, methodology and pedagogy. Instructor coordinates introduction of delegates through icebreaker activity.

What Makes A Proactive Supervisor
Here we look at the roles, responsibilities and challenges supervisors encounter, including a look at behaviors that create an outstanding or a bad supervisor and common mistakes made by new supervisors.

Leading The Team
Delegates discuss becoming a widely-accepted leader; differing leadership styles; a personal leadership evaluation; leadership behavior and actions to become an effective leader.


Understanding ‘Why We Do What We Do’ - Motivating Self And Others
Learn what makes people tick and what gets them out of bed in a morning, as well as methods to use this to your advantage. Learn techniques to find out what motivates your team members; their values and beliefs; and approaches, behaviors and communication styles to motivate team members to do an outstanding job in all that they do.

Action-Centered Leadership
Delegates discuss procedures they can use to be prepared for the unexpected at all times and be pro-active as an essential attribute for the modern manager. Being pro-active equates to being in control and setting goals and objectives as vital components of pro-active management.

Review the main points of interest of the day, identify possible work-projects, preview day two.


Workshop Agenda – Day Two


Planning And Organizing For Success
Day two agenda begins with discussion of methods that can be used to be prepared at all times for the unexpected; a discussion of the fact that planning and organizing is more than just making sure you have a plan for the day. Delegates review how to ensure they are in control of the work that needs to be completed.

Communication And Influencing Skills
Delegates learn to communicate in a clear and positive manner; to make small talk; understand the importance of non-verbal communication and critical paths to transform into an effective communicator.


Time Management Skills
In-depth review and practice of time management on a personal level; juggling workload, which as a supervisor, it means even more. The review will encompass tips to use time more efficiently, and understanding how to reduce time wasters.

Identification Of IMPACT™ Project
Delegates are assigned to groups and asked to identify a project which will require the use of the new knowledge and information received during the workshop. This will allow the delegates to transfer the new knowledge into skills and effective work habits.

Review the main points of interest for the course, deliver course administration like evaluation, action plan, certificates.

2 Days
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