Professional Communication

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Professional Communication

Training Workshop – Module Overview

Innesskirk’s innovative “Professional Communication”is an intensive program addressing a key management and leadership skills, with clear, practical guidelines every step of the way.

Tutorial sessions, case studies, practical exercises, presentations and syndicate work make this a proactive, hands-on course.

Workshop Objectives - Delegates Will Be Able To…

  • Communicate professionally and effectively every time
  • Understand the value of effective listening, speaking and writing
  • Influence others through the use of effective communication techniques
  • Deliver better results from feedback interviews, sales meetings, negotiations, public relation presentations and customer interaction

Post Workshop - IMPACT™ Program

IMPACT™ Project – Delegates identify a work-related project during the last hour of the training that will be used as a measurable indicator of successful application and implementation of the training content.

IMPACT™ Coaching – The delegates participate in custom-designed coaching sessions to facilitate the completion of their IMPACT™ Project.   Delegates document the project’s life cycle and all related issues in the provided coaching booklet.

Course Outline : 

Workshop Agenda – Day One


Introduction And Course Objectives
Agenda begins with the introduction of course, material, methodology and pedagogy. Instructor coordinates introduction of delegates through icebreaker activity.

Introduction To Effective And Professional Communication
Introduction to communication methods and objectives. Identifying business means of communication

Barriers To Effective Communication
Discussion of communication barriers and introduction to practical communication tools and techniques to have greater influence. Review of solutions to most common communication barriers.


Impact Of Body Language An Effective Communication
Behavior and body language is decoded and the implications for professional communications are examined. Behavioral impact of effective professional communication.

Listening And Questioning Techniques In Business Communications
The role of questioning and listening in effective communications is reviewed. Different listening styles are identified and samples of effective questioning are reviewed. Tools and techniques are covered like KISS, ACHE, Five C’s and others.

Self-Analysis Of Current Communication Behavior
Identify personal communication habits currently affecting effectiveness and develop a personal improvement plan.

Communication Role-Play Sessions
Numerous short role play sessions to gain practical use of effective professional communication. Role-play scenarios are simple, straight forward practice sessions and happen throughout the entire course.

Review the main points of interest of the day, identify possible work-projects, preview day two.


Workshop Agenda – Day Two


Johari Window And Effective Professional Communication
The concept of Johari window and it’s relation to building better relationships, understanding communication strengths and weaknesses as well as the introduction of feedback.

Perfect Feedback
How to deliver supportive and corrective feedback in a positive way. Practice of implementing protocols for giving and receiving feedback.

Feedback Role-Play Sessions
Excellent meetings save time. Discussions include identifying and influencing effective meeting behaviour.


Effective Written Communication
Review of the OABC method of every effective written communication. Topics include methods and when to use what medium, message flow and potential problems to be included in this topic.

Impact Of Culture On Effective Communication
Understanding the influence of culture on effective communication management. This session includes the importance of organization culture and cross-cultural influence on effective professional management communication.

Identification Of IMPACT™ Project
Delegates are assigned to groups and asked to identify a project which will require the use of the new knowledge and information received during the workshop. This will allow the delegates to transfer the new knowledge into skills and effective work habits.

Review the key points of interest for the course, deliver course administration like evaluation, action plan, certificates.

2 Days
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