During Workshop

Innesskirk Global facilitators recognize the importance of fostering an environment that encourages participation and candor during the workshops. To that end, individual and group exercises are utilized to establish the rapport necessary to foster a productive workshop environment. Timelines are adhered to in order to ensure maximum exposure to the training workshop material, activities and participation. Case studies, work related projects or topics of interest are incorporated into the daily activities to provide delegates with practical exposure to the skills, techniques and theories being presented. It is critical that the delegates recognize that they play a fundamental role in the success of the workshop and what better way than to encourage this through utilization of material and activities which are both familiar and applicable.

Each delegate will receive:

Manuals are presented to delegates encompassing the reference material presented during the workshop. The manuals work in conjunction with the workshop presentations and activities.

In addition to the manual, a copy of the presentation is provided to the delegates.

Coaching Document
Delegates are asked to identify a work related project that can be used as a real-world application of the material learned during the workshop. Learning logs are provided to the delegates to document the work completed on the identified project and to demonstrate adherence to the newly learned skills, techniques and theories.

Certificate of completion
A certificate documenting successful completion of the course will be presented to delegates after completion of the following:

  • Identification of daily Points of Interest
  • An ‘Action Plan’ identifying areas of interest and commitments
  • An evaluation of the facilitator, course and venue
  • Successful completion of the iIMPACT™ project and coaching process