Reactions From Delegates

How People React To IMPACT™ Programs 

A sample of reactions from delegates who have experienced our IMPACT™ Methodology first hand: 

  • "You are the first organization who are really trying to help us change, you are not just walking away after the course, but sticking around to make sure we implement what we learned and benefit from it fully - a refreshing difference." 
  • "Great workshop, very practical and with so many new ideas, I really like the way you inspire use and make us implement the learning" 
  • "You have created a once in a lifetime opportunity to show my very senior executives what I am capable of - a great approach to change" 
  • "Thanks for your valuable training, the worshop was stimulating, full of ennergy and the 8:00-6:30 day was over too quickly " 

The methodology used is very well received by the delegates, they are empowered, to show what they can do for the organization and themselves and make a difference.

The process often starts with an analysis of the most pressing issues. Delegates involve there staff, colleagues and line managers to discuss current structures, processes and culture within their own teams. This gets everyone involved, sets up new team motivation, clear objectives and purpose and energizes everyone despite high workloads.

The culture impact this has in the organization is remarkable. Employees feel listened to, and respond positively to the opportunity that they can take this project all the way to the top.

This is really what the
IMPACT™ approach is all about. Transforming organizations to become more constructive, focusing on achievement together.